The cases you will learn about in this book.

  • The capture and conviction of Machine Gun Kelly

    This marked the FBI's first major victory helping transform the Bureau into a law enforcement juggernaut.

  • Govenor David Hall

    Govenor David Hall's meteoric rise and fall played out during the Watergate era when public corruption captured the headlines throughout the nation.

  • Girl Scout Murders

    Never solved, the killing of three young girl scouts in 1976 led to the trial of Gene Leroy Hart, a modern day Cherokee outlow who was hard to catch and impossible to convict.

  • Karen Silkwood

    An unlikely battle between Karen Silkwood, an obscure employee, and, Kerr McGee, Oklahoma's biggest corporation, influenced the nuclear power industry worldwide.

  • Sirloin Stockage Killings

    At the time, the killing of six innocent resturant employees was Oklahoma's biggest mass murder. The crime was only solved by exceptional police work and the bizarre personality of the killer.

  • The bombing of the Murrah Building

    Killing 168 people, wounding hundreds more and destroying millions of dollars in property is still the most heinous act of terrorism committed in the US by an American citizen.

Take a sneak peak inside

Learn the true facts of these cases through the words of the perpetrators themselves and the law enforcement officers, lawyers and, judges who took part in each case.

From the trial of Machine Gun Kelly to the bombing of the Murrah Building, these Oklahoma stories reverberate with mystery, action and, courtroom drama.

Excerpt: The Girl Scout Murders


About the Author

Kent F. Frates is an Oklahoma City attorney, who has practiced law in Oklahoma since 1964. He served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 1970-1978, and was Minority Leader from 1976-1978.

He has authored a novel "Don't Never Shoot Short", the screenplay for the film "Cockfight", a poetry book "The Captain and His Crew", a hiking guide "Oklahoma Hiking Trails." and a historical and photographic book "Oklahoma Courthouse Legends".

His historical articles have appeared in Oklahoma Today, This Land, and True West winning awards from the Oklahoma Society of Professional Journalists and the International Regional Magazine Association. Frates was the editor and publisher of Sports Source, a statewide publication covering individual sports and now publishes and edits the political newsletter Common Sense.

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